About Me


My name is Sara Roberts.  I am searching for a full time job in digital marketing/business.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Georgia Tech (go Jackets!) where I graduated in 2014.  Since then, I have worked some on PPC advertising before moving over to local SEO, and then making the switch to business analysis for half a year.  My latest job was an internship in SEO at Turner Broadcasting, Inc.  I am currently working on getting my MBA online through Georgia Southern, which gives me the flexibility to work full time.  I have volunteer experience in customer service and IT support as well.


Sara Roberts Resume 2018

I am hardworking, personable, and quick to learn.  Think I’m a good fit for your team and want to know more?  My resume is linked above.  In addition, fill out this contact form and let me know you are interested.  I’d love to work with you!